100,000 Thoughts

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Hi Friends,

Ever turn something over in your mind again, and again, and again? Like you might change the past or shift the future just by stewing about it?

We truly want to trust God with all of it: past, present, future. We know He has our best in mind and hasn’t forgetten about us... but sometimes you just need a little evidence to back that up.

Enter, evidence.

Below, in bold, is a chorus I sang in the prayer room. Below that are a few thoughts.

100,000 thoughts You have toward me

So I’ll follow You anywhere

Yes, I would do anything

I mean, doesn’t that make all the difference?

The Maker of all the universe, who intricately created stars and spun them out into the galaxy, this One who knit the double helix shape of DNA, who breathed life into dust and made a living human being... He is the One who thinks of you.

Not just thinks of you, though. Thinks more thoughts of you than there are bits of sand on the seashore. The mere astronomical number of sand makes this seem like poetry. But I assure you, this is real.

God in the flesh stood in front of us, took air into His lungs, and said, “I know how many hairs are on your head”. Is there anything that Man might ask you to do that you would not do?

I can finally let go of my anxious ambition. I can abandon self-obsession and all my fear of the future. He is thinking of me continually.

I am far safer in His hands than I am when trusting my own ingenuity. He knows with sheer confidence where I have been and where He is leading me. He’s got a plan.

He has a 100,000 thoughts toward me. That’s all the convincing I need.

Jesus, I will follow You anywhere.

–– Anna

P.S. If you’d like to hear this chorus sung, including the spontaneous moments around it, it is on the brand new “Unceasing App” under “100,000 Thoughts”. You can also search for it by my name.

Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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