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Dear Friends,

No chorus this week. Just a letter for you.

Many of you know this has been a week of pain here in the IHOPKC community, and I know it has been excruciating for many of you as well.

Some of you may have no idea what I’m talking about, and you can read more here.

I thought about skipping this week’s Tuesday letter as I’ve circulated through shock, numbness, anger, sorrow, confidence, then disorientation again… like many of you are.

But I’ve not skipped a Tuesday in three years. And if I know anything right now, I know we need each other.

Yes, I need you guys and the stability of finding God together. I can’t overstate how thankful I am that you welcome me into this corner of your inbox. Many of you have replied over the years with input, kindness, thoughts about Jesus. Thank you.

Yesterday, I led a set in the prayer room. In our briefing meeting before leading worship, I brought the feelings chart that I keep at home on my fridge. It’s something we use when our kids explode in wild emotion, to help them determine what they’re feeling.

At the top of of the poster it says: “All Feelings Are Welcome Here”.

It’s what I want to post on the wall of every heart right now.

All feelings are welcome here.

Some of you may be feeling confident, unshaken. You may be thinking what’s wrong with me? Should I be falling apart?

Nope. All feelings are welcome here.

Now is not the time to be slapping on plastic faces or isolating in our pain.

This is the moment to reach for one another.

We need one another, the whole Body of Christ, more than ever.

As I was singing yesterday, I kept thinking about Psalm 27. How in the context of unthinkable trouble and confusion, the human heart was made to erupt with this cry.

“One thing I desire. That will I seek. That I may see the beauty of the Lord all the days of my life…”

This isn’t a verse reserved for a moment of peace. This is for when the dust is kicked up in your eyes so viciously that you can’t make up from down.

One thing.

So that’s where I’m going with these Tuesday letters:

Let’s find the beauty.


P.S. You guys are my people. Feel free to hit reply. You can tell me what you’re feeling. You can ask questions. I probably won’t have answers, but sometimes you just gotta ask. You can also just say hi :)

That said, replying to an email can’t replace opening up with people in deep relationship with you right where you are. Find a trusted friend. Tell them how you feel. We cannot do this alone.

Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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