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He Never Will

Published 12 months ago • 1 min read

Hi Friends,

Ever wanted proof that God is who He says He is? Irrefutable evidence that you won’t get three decades in and find that He is not faithful to His promises?

Well, we have it.

One of the beautiful things about the storyline of Israel through Scripture is what it tell us of Him. God makes covenant with a people group. They are just like us: fickle, ungrateful, often wayward.

Will He change His mind about them?

In bold below is a chorus I sang in the prayer room this week, and below that are a few thoughts.

You remember Your covenant like it was yesterday
The depth of Your desire, Lord it has never waned
The flame of Your love is burning still
Though we may forget, You never will

We grow old, our memory fades. Our desires mellow, our hearts grow numb over time.

The flame of first love dims and our affections wander.

But God? He does not forget. He remembers His covenant with Abraham like it was yesterday.

He is unchanging with no shadow of turning in Him. Which means the desire He felt from the first is full strength blazing in His bones. His longing does not age.

Jesus is flesh wrapped around a flame. He is consumed with desire.

This Man who carries the unchanging desire that was present in first making covenant with Israel is the One who took the cup of wine at the last supper and said, “this is my blood, given for you”.

He is the Word made flesh who stretched out His arms to Jerusalem, tears on His face, saying, “How often I longed to gather you”.

Even now He reaches for them, longing to take them by the hand. His own hands bearing the marks of long-suffering love.

God’s fervent jealousy for His people Israel is good news for all the earth.

It’s good news for you, sitting at your kitchen table, cup of coffee in hand.

It’s good news for many reasons. Here’s one:

It’s proof that He won’t forget His promises to you. He won’t ever waver in His unrelenting love for you. It’s proof that He is faithful.

Though we may forget, no, He never will.


Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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