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Hi Friends,

Transition in life is tricky.

It feels precarious to transfer the weight of your life from one thing to another. Sometimes that “another” even holds the uncertainty of a list of unknowns. Will it hold me? Will there be enough? Will I slip through the crack of “in-between”?

If ever there was a people who knew transition, it was the nation of Israel as the Lord brought them out of Egypt and into the land He promised them. And what’s sticking out to me today is the way He provides for them in the transition with precision.

On the very first day when the Lord sent down manna, bread from heaven, to feed the over 2 million men, women, and children, He did it with precision. He commanded them to gather manna according to each ones need. It turned out that “he who gathered much had nothing left over, and he who gathered little had no lack” (Exodus 16:18). No extra could be gathered; it grew worms and stank in the course of one night.

The Lord provided with precision.

For forty years they ate manna in the wilderness. 14,610 days of bread appearing each morning to nourish them. At long last, the Lord miraculously brought them across the Jordan, where for the first time, they ate of the produce of the land of Canaan. The very next day, the manna ceased.

40 years of daily manna that ends the exact day after food is available for His people in the land.


We all have moments of navigating transition like shifting tectonic plates under our feet. So many unknowns, but one thing is sure.

There will be no lack.


Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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