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Shifting Fault Lines

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

Hi Friends,

Love one another. Rainbows, bunnies, and world peace, right?

Let’s look into this one.

In bold below is a chorus I sang this week that got me thinking.

You just won’t let go
You just won’t let go
You just won’t let go
You’re the God who reaches

Love one another.
Strive to keep the bond of peace.
Bear long with one another.

These commands He gives His church. Yes, He asks this of us weak human beings who are prone to division, mistrust, and fracture. At times, nothing can feel more impossible.

It’s as if He asks us to put one foot on each side of an active fault line and hang on for dear life. Bear long. Strive to keep peace.

We might wonder at times if He is seated up in His heavenly library, penning idealistic commands from afar. A fire in the hearth, an angel plucking a harp in the corner. And send.

But you and I both know we would be quite wrong.

Our Father is well acquainted with the biggest fracture ever faced by the human race. The great divide sin brought between God and man. And standing before that great divide, He just wouldn’t let go.

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. He gave Him right into the center of the fracture. Not wrapped in teflon. Not shrouded in the impenetrable glory He has worn for all eternity. No. He sends His Son wrapped in flesh.

He comes wound-able. He comes right into the very center of our most painful divide.

He comes to do the impossible. He comes to bleed. He comes to heal. He comes.

He remembers the beauty of the garden in the beginning—God and man walking in the cool of the day. He remembers perfect communion with no separation. No divide.

He remembers. And He just won’t let go.


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