Sound Waves

published2 months ago
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Hi Friends,

I shall not want.

You would think this declaration from Psalm 23 would come after a few miles of the journey with God, evidence piled up in the rear view mirror of His faithfulness.

But no. This phrase comes at the beginning.

Let’s talk about it.

In bold below are some phrases I sang this week that have been turning around in my mind. Below that are a few thoughts.

I speak it out at the beginning
Let the sound waves hit the air
It shakes the root of unbelief
And removes all trace of fear
I shall not want

I shall not want.

We speak it out loud at the first steps of the journey. The sound waves hit the air, molecules in motion. Simple words, but the sound of it shakes our unbelief at the root.

Sometimes our own ears need to hear what our heart reaches to believe.

My friend Laura Park says it like this, “Sometimes you gotta sing your way into the truth”.

This is no woo-woo, new age, “manifest your own hopes” kind of process. It’s not a “say the right words at the right time and poof, you’ll receive” kind of prosperity gospel.

In fact, what’s promised in the path ahead is no road of roses and riches. There very well could be a dark valley up ahead, storms clouds and uncertainty brewing. But even there, in every step of pain or pleasure to come, the Lord is our shepherd. He never leaves or forsakes, not for a minute.

There’s not a single follower of Christ who does not reach the finish line, stand on that great precipice of eternity, look back and truthfully say, “I was never in want”. You and I, we will see it with all certainty on that day.

Even now, with all the unknowns that are to come in our lives, you and I can confidently stand at the trailhead of this journey and prophesy His goodness over all that’s to come.

We can know the heart of our great shepherd, smile at the future, and let the sound waves hit the air.

I shall not want.


Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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