The Guest Room

published3 months ago
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Dear Friends,

About a week ago I read a Gospel passage that I’ve read many times. But I noticed something I’d not noticed before. And now I’m transfixed: What is going on here?

Help me solve the mystery.

In Luke 22:7-13, Jesus instructs his disciples to go into the city, meet a man carrying a pitcher, follow him to his house, talk to the master of the home, and secure the large upper room guest room (many theologians believe the word used indicates this is an inn) to use that next day for the Passover feast.

Now, for context, the city of Jerusalem was overrun with people coming to celebrate Passover in the city. Josephus, a Jewish theologian contemporary with the Gospel writers, estimated that there were 2 million people in the city.

This furnished, large room was likely in great demand.

Why was a large guest room available the day of Passover?

Did Jesus secure the use of the room in advance, in secret? Were there guests expected in this man’s inn that canceled last minute? Was the innkeeper in a bind?

And most of all, Did He know this room would host the most famous meal of history?

Franciscan priest, Peter J. Vaghi, calls this room a “humble space, the most important room in all of Christendom.”

Regardless of what exact details were happening in this inkeeper’s life, I’m compelled to consider:

What if.

What if in our mundane days, ordinary moments, going to work, driving home, providing for our families, sports practices and church activities—even in the midst of frustrating or challenging circumstances—what if our hearts and our things are of use to the Master.

We don’t get to decide how and when. We may not even know God is using us as it is happening. It may seem so natural and normal that it doesn’t set off our spiritual radars.

Maybe we won’t know until we stand before the Lord and He lifts the curtain to all He was doing. All the times He was arranging the puzzle pieces and pouring us out like a vessel for His use.

Vaghi says of this guest room, “The room itself is a part of God’s plan, a designated holy space that is ready and waiting to receive Jesus and all that is to come.”

What if everything we are and have could be a designated holy space, ready and waiting to receive Jesus?

Yes, Lord. Use me.


Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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