The Ultimate Secret Place

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​Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking about how God takes what seems valuable in the eyes of man and turns it on its head. His ways are so very much different than ours.

Turns out, he’s put the most valuable thing of all completely out of sight.

Below in bold is a chorus I’ve sung in the prayer room many times, and below that are a few thoughts.

I’m a garden

I’m a fountain sealed

I’m a garden

For You alone

It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the janitor who cleans up after hours in an empty work space.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a well known preacher or the person sitting on row 14.

Doesn’t matter if you’re the worship leader who fills stadiums or the stay-at-home mom lifting your voice at the kitchen table.

Who you are is a great secret.

Others tend to see the numbers, count the impact, and assume they know the whole story. We do this to each other. Swept up by externals, we put value in all the wrong places.

In fact, there’s a reason why the Bible says, “man looks at the outside”. It’s because it is the only thing we can do.

God has intentionally set the truth of who you are behind the opaque wall of your heart—a place only He, and you, can go.

Why? Because who you really are is a great secret. You are set apart for One.

Man looks on the outside, but God looks on the inside.

He looks at the woman commanding an audience larger than any other in all of human history thanks to the size of our stadiums and social media. He looks down, past the numbers, past the talent, and right into her heart. It’s the only thing that moves Him.

He sees the man who has hit rock bottom. Nothing seems to go right in his life, and even his own family has come to despise him. His life looks like a waste. But God is looking at this man. Past the failures of days gone by, past the untapped potential everyone seems to be shaking their heads at, right into his heart.

The human heart is the ultimate secret place.

And because this is true, every moment is a new opportunity to catch the eyes of God and give Him our love. We are His garden. His fountain sealed.

We are His secret place. When we go into our room and shut the door. When we turn our hearts to Him in the middle of the mayhem of our day.

Our Father: He sees in secret. He enjoys us. We are His alone.

— Anna


P.S. As I’m working on this upcoming book, I’d love your feedback on this question:

What is one of your favorite devotional books?

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Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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