There is One

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Dear Friends,

There’s a spontaneous chorus I sang in the prayer room about 15 years ago that still, to this day, steadies me in different seasons. Here it is:

There is One seated on the throne
Even now, seated on the throne
He’s the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
And only He is in control

It’s true when we see deep dark evil in the world that looks like it’s unfurling right in front of our eyes. It’s true in times of deep, soul-shaking suffering. It’s true on the world-wide stage, and it’s true in the most intimate of relationships.

There is One seated on the throne. He is mighty, He is holy, He is sovereign. Unshakeable, immovable, His every purpose will be accomplished, from the first to the last. He is Maker, He is Shepherd, He is Judge, and He is King.

Sometimes, in meditating on His power and majesty, we can fall into an error in our thinking. We picture Him way up there above the circle of the earth (as He is), and we imagine in our hearts that He is distant.

He’s not distant.

This same King is the One who woke His friends repeatedly in the Garden of Gathesemane. Stay awake. Pray with Me.

This same King is the One who told King Hezekiah to send the singers before the army. High praises in their mouths, the enemy was struck with confusion and destroyed one another without one weapon being deployed from Israel.

This same Lord stood with Abraham, hearing him out like a friend. Lord, if there are ten righteous men in Sodom, will you spare the city?

This same God said to ask, seek, knock. That He would hear from Heaven and answer.

No, He’s not distant, disconnected from the affairs of men. He has come so close, nearer and lower than any king has ever come.

The fact that He is the One in control is our great comfort for this reason: He is so good. He is so near. He is the God who sees and hears, and His ways are perfect.

And even now, He is seated on the throne.


Anna Blanc

I am a singer, songwriter, wife, mother, Jesus follower. I send out a 2-minute read every Tuesday about Jesus and life in God.

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