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Dear Friends,

We do this subconscious thing, you and I. We mere mortals tend to ascribe our own attributes to God.

We know ourselves: our frustrations, the ways our passions dull over time, our tendencies to give up on one another.

But He’s altogether different than we are.

Below, in bold, is a chorus I sang this week in the prayer room, and below that are a few thoughts.

You have our names
Inscribed on on Your hands
Nail scars of love
You reach again

Jesus didn’t take on flesh, go to the cross, rise again, go up to Heaven, then finally slump down in His throne with a deep sigh, glad that it was finally over. Time at last to turn the page and move on.

No—He bears the nail scars of love forever.

He says in Isaiah, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands”.

It’s not passing poetry. We’re meant to halt in our tracks for a minute, and truly see. Think about it. Work through the implications.

Like Thomas, we are meant to put our fingers in the scars, and believe.

If the God of the universe has inscribed our names on His hands, it’s no wonder that He thinks 100,000 thoughts about us. We are always on His mind, always before Him.

Everything He does—His correction, His discipline, His protection, His blessing—He does with hands that bear your name. It’s continually before Him, those nail scars of love.

How can He forget you?

He has committed His love, and He will not turn away. He will be faithful to the end. He is God—steadfast, unchanging, love unmuted.

No, He is not like us.

Thank you, Jesus.


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